Govt Announces £200m Nuclear Sector Deal

By July 3, 2018Uncategorized

The government has revealed ambitious plans to work with the nuclear sector to ensure the UK remains an industry lead by signing a £200 million agreement.

The Nuclear Sector Deal aims to help the industry continue to power Britain in the future by developing nuclear technology and investing in innovation and skilled engineers.

Co-chair of the Nuclear Industry Council Lord Hutton said: “The industry wants nuclear energy to remain competitive against other forms of low-carbon energy – which is why we are committed to working with government to reduce costs across the sector.”

He added that the funding will help boost Britain’s capabilities, as well as ensure it remains a global leader in the nuclear sector.

Business and energy secretary Greg Clark also noted that the agreement will ensure an increase in diversity in the industry.

Indeed, the Nuclear Sector Deal will also strive to help more women get jobs in the field. Only 22 per cent of the workforce is female, with even fewer (15 per cent) being engineers in the nuclear industry.

It aims to raise the proportion of women working in nuclear to 40 per cent over the next 12 years, as well as create 100,000 jobs in total.

Mr Clark stated the deal shows the government’s commitment “to increasing diversity in an already highly-skilled workforce”.

One of the ways it will encourage more women to take on nuclear roles is by introducing new nuclear collages and national schemes.

This comes after engineering firm Wood announced a new innovation fund worth £250,000 to assist with nuclear decommissioning. It believes this will help speed up decommissioning procedures, by using “new or existing technologies in ingenious and innovative ways”.

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