Scotland’s new underwater engineering base is set to launch the UK to the forefront of ‘blue economy’

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The UK government has agreed to back plans for the multi million pound underwater engineering plant in Aberdeen.

*UK government is backing industry plans to build a multi-million pound underwater engineer hub in Aberdeen.

*this hub could make Scotland a go-to destination for sub sea engineering, creating much needed UK jobs and business opportunities.

*the UK is already a world leader in sub sea engineering and technology, supporting approximately 45,000 jobs and 1,000 companies, 60% of which are based in Scotland.

This project would involve a collaboration of underwater technologies from industry and academia across the country, the planned Global Underwater Engineering Hub will cement the UK’s position as a global leader in this field and expand on expertise in sub sea robotics, remotely-operated underwater vehicles (R.O.V’s) and maritime support vessels. Seizing the opportunities in the blue economy will also help the UK’s oil and gas sector diversify and support the UK’s transition from fossil fuels towards clean growth.

Currently the UK has a 40% share of the global market in underwater engineering and by going ahead with the proposed hub, we would be in prime position to capitalise on the industry that could be worth more than £100 billion globally by 2035.

Prime Minister Theresa May said:

Today I can announce that the UK government is backing plans for a new Global Underwater Hub in Aberdeen, helping established businesses thrive and creating new opportunities as the world makes the shift towards clean growth.

Cementing Aberdeen’s place as an energy hub for offshore and renewable’s, the new hub would bring together areas of excellence in underwater technology under a single commercial vision. It would support industry, generate new skilled jobs and help us in the fight against climate change.

UK government Business Minister Andrew Stephenson added:

As the UK continues to transition towards a low-carbon economy, the Global Underwater Engineering Hub can help the region rise to the challenge of this transition, helping to anchor the UK’s expert engineering supply chain here in the north east of Scotland.

It will build on the UK’s position as a world-leader in underwater technology and skills, which can be exported around the globe in growing sectors like renewable’s and decommissioning.

Scottish Secretary David Mundell said:

“Scotland is an exceptional place to do business and its engineering opportunities are world leading. The UK government supports Scottish industry and that is why we are backing the underwater engineering hub in Aberdeen.

The UK government has shown time and again its commitment to the city’s oil and gas sector and now we are investing in the blue economy to ensure the region continues to prosper with jobs, investment and innovation.”



By forging a stronger alliance between the UK’s Oil & Gas and Renewable energy Sectors, the Aberdeen based hub will benefit from ongoing government support which will help the UK Oil & Gas sector diversify.

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